Assistance for States

The cooperation between States and the IAEA is a critical factor in determining the successful implementation of IAEA safeguards. Effective cooperation not only demonstrates a State’s commitment to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, it is also essential for the efficient and effective implementation of IAEA safeguards.

The IAEA places great value on effective cooperation with States. It devotes substantial resources to assist them in developing the relevant capabilities in response to their needs. It also gives guidance and assistance to States to enhance the understanding of their safeguards obligations and to improve their cooperation with the IAEA in safeguards implementation.

This assistance is provided through Advisory Service Missions, training courses and the publication of guidance documents and reference materials. (SSAC stands for State system of accounting for and control of nuclear material.)?

Guidance and assistance documents

The IAEA provides support to Member States to assist them with understanding their safeguards obligations and prepare their declarations. This guidance and assistance material may be of use for State and regional authorities, as well as for facility operators, to facilitate safeguards implementation. They include guidance documents, forms and templates, and other related documents. The Agency also offers software tools for Member States to assist them with the preparation of safeguards-related declarations.

Safeguards Symposium

Every four years, the IAEA hosts the Symposium on International Safeguards at its Vienna Headquarters, in cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management and the European Safeguards Research and Development Association. The objective of the event is to foster dialogue, exchange information and promote cooperation among all key stakeholders.

The Symposium brings together key interested parties from the IAEA, Member States, the nuclear industry and members of the broader safeguards and nuclear non-proliferation community for an in-depth, week-long examination of key issues in nuclear verification.


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