How to participate

For Research, Doctoral and Technical Contracts, the?‘Proposal for Research Contract’?form?must be used.

Research Contracts?are generally awarded to institutes in developing countries or countries in?transition if they can effectively carry out the research.?As of 2016, Research Contracts will generally?be awarded for the entire duration of the CRP.

Renewal of?contracts approved before 2016?should be requested by the research institutions using?the?‘Proposal for Research Contract’?form and must be supported by reports on the technical?progress of the research. If awarded, the next contract will, unless otherwise indicated, cover the?remainder of the CRP.

For Research Agreements, the?‘Proposal for Research Agreement’?must be used.

Research Agreements, under which no financial support is provided, are generally awarded to?institutes in developed countries. Research Agreements?are awarded for the entire duration of?the CRP.

Please submit your Proposal for a Research Contract or Agreement directly?by email?to the IAEA’s?Research Contracts Administration Section?using only the forms available on this page. Please note no other forms will be accepted.

If the proposed project is approved, a?contract?or?agreement?will be sent to the head of the?institute for approval and signature, and the Government of the Member State will be duly?notified through the appropriate channels of the conclusion of the contract or agreement.

Monitoring of the research project’s progress under a contract is based on?yearly progress?reports?and a?final report. Positive evaluation by the appropriate project officer of the progress?reports constitutes the basis for the continuation of the project and payment of the next instalment.

Please submit?reports directly?by email?to the IAEA’s Research Contracts Administration Section?using the forms below:

- Annual Progress Report for Contracts under the Coordinated Activities

- Final Report for Contracts under the Coordinated Activities

Project Officers might request additional information regarding progress and results of the?research?for the preparation of an IAEA Technical Document (IAEA-TECDOC).


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